Future mode in exchanges, kill your future

Using future in exchanges are popular for bigginer crypto currency traders.

Refer of exchanges statics over 78% of future users, lost their money.

How future works? why traders lost money in this system?

Do you trust exchanges? Which report of supervisor organizations trust you that exchanges don’t report or use people positions and information?

When you open future order, you can use levers, you process market and you know market comes down but in a moment market move down or up and you lost your money in a minute.

Maybe they analyze our orders or use other information but very small quantity of people can get money from futures, I mean get over 1000$ not chaps.

People come to future market with over 1000$ and they think this is lucky day and money will 20000 $, wolfs waiting for your money.

I offer you to trade in crypto currency but in spot trades.

If you analyze the market in period times: 1D, 4H, 2H, 1H, 30M and 15M and you think market comes up, invest your money, I price comes down, market wants to trick you and you must wait.

In next articles I show you how you can trade and share with you my experience and ides.

Please don’t open future trades!


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