NFTs are one of the most popular assets of cryptocurrencies.
A photo is easily stolen on the Internet and it can be even harder to prove its true ownership. One of the main reasons for stealing electronic works is the impossibility of tracking them by their real owners.
If you are an artist, designer, cartoonist, musician, photographer, decorator or industrial designer, you can submit your photos, ideas and arts in blockchain and be the real owner of your arts.

How you can buy NFT in Cafe Crypto:

All of NFTs avalable in Cafe Crypto, build by Cafe Crypto platform, so we know about the history, creator information and we keep the original file. Any time  buyers can ask to redownload original file, get out acceptance of NFT purchase or keep NFTs in Cafe Crypto wallet or deliver us to put in SALE NFT section.

We offer you to keep your NFTs in TRON official wallet and keep private keys to keep them safe and secure. In purchase cycle you need your TRONLINK wallet address to transfer NFT to your wallet.

If your NFT contains painted paper or canvas, you can mail it to your address after purchasing NFT.
The shipping cost is the responsibility of the NFT buyer, you can also keep it on loan with us so that you do not have to resend it if you request to sell NFT on the site.